With talent and belief you can go far

A recent article put out by UYSA about the step by step process to reach the top in youth soccer.


By Joe Cannon

Listening to my twin brother tell me about the local soccer club scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, I realized this was a problem not restricted to his family. With AYSO, Cal North, NorCal, ECNL and the U.S. Soccer Developmental Academy, parents are overwhelmed with where to place or what to do with their aspiring little Messis, Ronaldos or Donovans.

In my brother’s case, it’s his oldest son, Jace. Jace is 5 years old and is looking for a soccer club to help him get started in the sport. Not only are there so many programs, but there are so many parents with so many different opinions. Which one is right? Where will my son or daughter want to play? Will they be happy? Coaches, parents, and everyone in it seem to have an opinion on everything.

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