National Letters of Intent Signed by 2015 Class

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February 4th 2015 is the day that thousands of college bound athletes across the country will sign their letters of intent. Signing this letter will commit these young athletes to the Universities where they plan to spend their next four years earning their degrees while playing┬ácollegiate┬ásports. Today Utah Avalanche Girls Soccer Club will have Twenty-Three young women sign these letters with only a few remaining in the club’s 2015 class waiting to decide their futures. The club is well on its on the way to completing yet another class of 100% placement so we will report those decisions as they are made, but for now we will recognize those that will be signing their letters throughout the day.

Congrats ladies and we will be watching for the great things that you will continue to do!

97 Black

PresleyAzerconPresley Azarcon – Gonzaga

AnesaCAnesa Curic – MidAmerican Nazarene University

ashleydoyleAshley Doyle – Utah State University Eastern

CaitlinGCaitlin Gomez – University of Texas Permian Basin

AliKAli Koehler – Saint Martin’s University

EmilyMEmily McIntyre – North Park University

Alyssa Montoya – Iowa Central

AnnePAnne Powell – Southern Virginia University

KateWKate Weil – St Edward’s University

BrittGarrettBrittany Garrett – Idaho State University

LiznewmanLiz Newman – Dixie State

CecileMCecile Murdock – Westminster

Brittany Terry – Concordia


Bayley Bruner – University of Oregon

Caroline Coats – Swarthmore College

Kyra Fawcett – University of Oregon

jogoodrichJordyn Goodrich – Dixie College

Lexi Holden – Fairleigh Dickinson University

McKell Kellogg – Westminster College

Tatum Lefler – Idaho State University

AllieMAllie Millerberg – University of Utah

HannaRHanna Robertson – Fairleigh Dickinson University

HaileySHailey Skolmoski – University of Utah

Grace Sponaugle – University of Oregon

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