Lexi makes her U of Arizona debut

Lexe AZAs a club, it sometimes becomes “business as usual” for us to send off multiple quality players every year to begin their college careers. This year is like many others with twenty-four girls currently going through their respective college training camps. So in a year with kids in the midst of playing preseason games at colleges like North Carolina, Portland, Utah, BYU, Washington State, Columbia, Louisiana Monroe, BYU-Hawaii, Westminster, SVU, Utah State, Southern Utah, UVU, Dodge City, Western Nebraska & Pacific; there is one freshman that has stood out from the crowd.

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At the University of Arizona this year they will be in the presence of true greatness. The ultimate competitor has chosen to take her talents to the Tuscon campus to the delight of coach Tony Amato. Lexe Selman has been an inspiration to anyone that knows her story. Lexe was a phenomenal central midfielder, award winning player, field general, and a great student. That was all before the news that rocked her life and turned her into an inspiration to thousands. In the spring of 2012 Lexe was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia that had us all worried about whether she would even make it to her next birthday. At one point she was dubbed the sickest kid at Primary Children’s Hospital by her doctors and there was a suddenly realistic fear that she wouldn’t make it. Not only would Lexe make it to her birthday, her incredible competitiveness, fight, and will to live life to its fullest now finds her defying all the odds and playing soccer in the Pac 12 for the University of Arizona.

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If you’re thinking that maybe pity for her situation has her donning a uniform as a glorified mascot on the Wildcat’s sideline you’d be very wrong. Lexe stepped on the field as a starter in the annual Red-Blue game and she scored the opening goal and followed that up with an assist shortly after in a 3-1 win for the Blue.



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Although we are extremely proud of all of our 2013 college freshman class, we can’t help but have a soft spot for one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet. The staff at Avalanche couldn’t be more proud of Lexe! She has shown the character, drive & fight that we could only hope to see in every kid that comes through the Club. We plan to follow her career very closely as we expect to continually see the unimaginable from her.

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