Against All Odds Scholarship

selmanUtah Avalanche proudly announces the Lexe Selman Against All Odds Scholarship.

Selman3This scholarship is the first Avalanche sponsored Scholarship that is not financial aid based. This scholarship will be for the player that best exemplifies the type of strength and leadership and determination that is personafied by Lexe Selman who is the inspiration for the scholarship.

For those that aren’t familiar with Lexe’s story click here to see the Fox news story, click here for the KSL news story & click here to see her Amazing Goal between Chemo treatments.



During the 2012 spring season the Avalanche family was floored with the┬ádevastating news that one of our own was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Lexe has always been an inspiration to those around her and had always been someone to marvel both on and off the field. How Lexe has handled the last year has shown just how strong she truly is as a person. We have watched her go from a seemingly healthy young soccer player with some bruises that wouldn’t go away; to a little girl who had our hearts aching as we watched her struggle through Chemo, fluid in the lungs, fevers over 106 degrees and at one point being considered the sickest kid in the hospital. Though her situation was dire, Lexe never stopped fighting.

selman2Lexe has fought back against cancer and has beat it to the amazement of a lot of those that didn’t know her like we do. At Lexe’s most recent doctor visit they tested her lung capacity and she tested out at 110% of the national average. She continues to amaze us as she trains with the older teams in the club to prepare for her freshman year this fall. It is a year late, but we all knew that she would make it there sooner than later.

Selman1The Lexe Selman Against All Odds scholarship is designed to identify the player that best embodies the spirit of the award. The representative of the scholarship will be decided on from submissions from coaches, parents & players. We are looking for the players that stands out from the crowd with her leadership, strength and determination. We know there are a lot of players in the club that have these qualities, but we hope to identify the player that Lexe would be proud to have represent her imprint that she has forever made on the club.

We will soon offer a way for you to submit your selection for the Lexe Selman Against All Odds scholarship via email, so stay tuned…

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